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Santour Zamani A PRO Zelkova wood *This instrument is only available based on order*

Santour Zamani A PRO Zelkova wood *This instrument is only available based on order*

Santour Zamani A PRO Zelkova level, is and excellent choice for professional Santur players and is considered as an ideal choice for rehearsal, studio recording and live concerts. *Special wood and technology has been devoted to design and build this Santur, in order to resist humid climate; however there are still specific instructions for treating your instrument in a deserved manner.
Condition: New
Status: Not Available
Price: $990


**Santur Zamani level A PRO Zelkova, has an excellent wood pattern, excellent top and bottom body cutting shape, which makes a professional sound quality. Strings, bridges and pins are also selected from the best quality.
***Zelkova wood, known for it’s hard and tough strength and lovely odor, has many fans amongst Santur players in the world. Professional builders and players has a strong belief that special woods such as Zelkova or Rosewood instruments would have unbelievable future. They say instruments with Zelkova - if they would be played steadily for a while - would obtain a very special sound feeling, which many other woods can not compete.
Body made of special walnut, gives you proper structure stability and optimum sound quality.
A:Length L:shorter length H:Height  B:Diamater/Thickness Weight kg
90 35 28 10 5.7 with case

***This item is now available based on order. Orders take about 3-5 weeks for shipment from destination

Package includes:

• Hard Case
• Rescue kit Sazyar ( 3 quality plectrums - Mezrabs, training book, string set - yellow and white , bridge set, pin set, tuning hammer)

Estimated Shipping Cost:
Europe and Asia: $ 150 USD
United States, Canada & other countries: $ 190 USD