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Tanbour Mansour Pro B

Tanbour Mansour Pro B

Code: TB-MAN-B / Brand: Mansour
Excellent sound quality. Recommended for professional Tanbour players. Fully hand carved. All parts hand made with quality mulberry wood. This Tanbur has a medium sound box size and can be counted as an excellent sound quality Tanbour, recommended for professional Tanbour players.
Condition: New
Status: Available
Price: $590


Fully hand-carved : Bowl and top body: Mulberry / finger board: Waulnut with tiny decorations for some.with NEW pattern from Sahneh kermanshah, leading to a more original sound effect. All woods are made from guaranteed old woods.
* This Tanbour is very soft in playing and is ideal choiuce for studio recordings and daily practice

Package includes:
• Tanbour Mansour Pro B
• Hard case
• SAZYAR Rescue Kit Pro(including all you need as a professional)

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