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Setar Eshghi (no stamp)

Setar Eshghi (no stamp)

Code: ST-ESH-1
Vintage Setar with crisp sound quality. This Setar sounds old but in perfect shape. One of a kind Setar with exceptional sound timber. Pattern, style and all details are an evident this is a nice Eshghi ( Mohamad Navaii ), for about 40 years back, but due to the missing "Eshghi" stamp on it, this Setar is sold as a no name Setar and its price evaluation is not based on Eshghi as a builder.
Condition: Vintage
Status: Available
Price: $1900

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Vintage and original Setar from Master Eshghi with Excelent sound quality.
Master Eshghi (1909-1987) (Mohammad Navaii) has been known as a genius in Setar making. His first inspiration was Seyed Jalal's Setars. It is worthy to know that Maestro Ahmad Ebadi was interested too much in Eshghi's Setars and had many of them in his collection. This Setar has magic sound quality and beautiful wood structure(the bowl is pinned).Ideal for professional collectors and art lovers.

Package includes

  • Setar Eshghi
  • Hard case
  • SAZYAR accessories KIT PRO

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