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Setar Mulberry Mohamadi - Ghalandar

Setar Mulberry Mohamadi - Ghalandar

Code: ST-MGH / Brand: Mohamadi
Setar Mulberry Mohamadi - Ghalandar , excellent in sound , stylish and rare to find * This unique Setar is only available based on order. Ordering process takes 6-12 weeks.
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Setar Mulberry Mohamadi pattern is a very rare pattern with an old and vintage sound timber. Building this shape of bowl is extremely difficult and lots of geometric concerns are involved.
Sound quality reminds you old style original Setar, like Hashemi pattern, where we can address maestro Hosein Alizdeh and Jalal Zolfonun as the fans of this type of rich sound timber.
Sound quality, richreverb and beautiful pattern are specifications of Ghalandar  This Setar is like a precious gem and even could be considered collectible due to its rich story as below:
About Ghalandar Setar:
Oosta Farajollah(known as Oosta Faraj or Kare Oosta – Maestro’s masterpiece) – born in 1835, had built a Setar for Darvish khan, named Espahbod, which then was owned by Mehdi Kamalian and the other one with MaestrNoor Ali Elahi, other one with Farhad Delshad and a Setar with extraordinary pattern – Ghalandar – with Noor Ali Boroomand’s cousin…
Oosta Farajollah is known the first teacher of Yahia - the Tar maker (Hovanes Abkarian)
Bowl wood: old Mulberry – decorated with bone                         
Top Body: old Mulberry
String board: Walnut
pegs : bone decorated
Bowl Dia. cm Bowl Height cm Length cm
16 12 86

Availability: 1   ***THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE NOW
Please ask prior to placing order, as availability is limited. Orders takes about 4-12weeks to get ready (Please ask)
Package includes:
• Setar Mulberry Mohamadi - Kamalian pattern
• Hard case
• SAZYAR Rescue Kit Pro: 3 sets of PRO strings, 2 sets of PRO frets, 1 string twister(Seem Tab)

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