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Setar mulberry Mohamadi - Hashemi pattern TYPE A PRO -BONE DECORATION

Setar mulberry Mohamadi - Hashemi pattern TYPE A PRO -BONE DECORATION

Code: ST-MMH1 / Brand: Mohamadi's supervised
Setar mulberry Mohamadi - Hashemi pattern is an ideal selection for those who follow Hosein Alizadeh Setar style
Condition: New
Status: Available
Price: $1250

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Setar Mohamadi Hashemi pattern is very rich in sound timber and has a type of a traditional Setar tone. Maestro Hosein Alizadeh has been a fan of Mahmood Hakim Hashemi’s Setars.
Setar Mohamadi Hashemi pattern is one of the best selections for super professional players, either for live performance or studio recording, while is excellent for recording.
Woodwork is one of a kind with flawless and bone decorations on the finger board. The mulberry wood Setar Mohamadi Hashemi pattern is old and treated for such a fantastic masterpiece.

About Mahmood Hakim Hashemi:
Mahmood Hakim Hashemi (1945 – 1976) has been one of the most famous contemporary Setar buiders.
He first learned violin in school art and then learned Setar from Maestro Ahmad Ebadi. He then fell in love with Setar building and learned Setar building from Eshghi


Bowl wood: old Padauk – decorated with shell and bone                         
Top Body: old Mulberry
String board: Walnut, decorated with shell and bone

Bowl Dia. cm Bowl Height cm Length cm
14.7 12.5 86


Please ask prior to placing order, as availability is limited. Orders takes about 4-10 weeks to get ready (Please ask)
Package includes:
• Setar Mohamadi Hashemi pattern
• Hard case
• SAZYAR Rescue Kit Pro: 3 sets of PRO strings, 2 sets of PRO frets, 1 string twister(Seem Tab)

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