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Master Nariman Abnousi (1923-1981)

Date: 2015-07-02
Nariman was born in 1923 in Saveh city. He started learning music at the age of 8 with all his passion and might.
After learning the fundamentals of music, he was directed to instrument making, where he started making Chagoor. In 1949, made his first Oud(Barbat). His extraordinary masterpiece was such an exception in sound quality and structure, which he was a famous instrument maker in Middle East Region., soon after.

As a result, Nariman was recommended to one of the well-known Oud players form Egypt by Maestro Abdolvahab Shahidi(famous Oud player) and when he touched the Oud, Narimans was admired for his art. Pretty soon, he had many orders from all famous Oud players in the region, while improving his skills.

Most of his instruments are made from Maple and Walnut wood and he has been truly a professional in drying wood for instruments.
Nariman was a talented instrument maker at his age and he has made the best and the most beautiful Ouds for no doubt. His Setarss, Chegoors and Tanbours are really fantastic masterpieces and very rare to find.

He was also making Tar, Ghanoun and Santoor and was a professional in finishing and trimming his works.
From him there left two sons and a daughter, all artists: Amo Abnusi is a graduate of Music from the UK, while his older son is still busy with making instruments in his father’s workshop.