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Music has always been an adored aspect of Persian art. As a fact, we all know many art lovers in the world, who have dedicated all their lives to investigate about Persian music and realize its hidden concepts.
We believe all these efforts have been done for a unique fact in Persian music: It is full of mystery and untold secrets. This is what has made Persian music a true life style instead of a music style.
When you want to penetrate in hearts as a Persian musician, you have to be human first, instead of knowing the techniques and theories. This is why it is so hard to achieve the summits of becoming a real Persian musician.
And this is why we recently witness a growing number of western art lovers, following Persian music.
This fact has been our first reason to establish Sazyar as a club for lovers and followers of Persian music not only as a deep and ancient music style but also a respectful life style.
We have selected professional instrument makers and consultants for your convenience. This could assure our art lovers a reliable and safe home for Persian music.

What we can offer to you in Sazyar:
·         Consultancy (selection) services:
You can ask us consultancy services about which musical instrument to choose. We would present you the most detailed, professional and generous information within short. Sazyar can also guide you to select the suitable musical instrument (in quality) to meet your needs.
·         Musical instruments:
Daf, Tobmbak, Nei, Santour, Qanun, Tanbour, Dotar, Setar, Tar, Violin, Kamancheh, Oud, Shurangiz, Keimand and Hafez. Some are available and some need to be ordered.
·         Accessories and Rescue kits:
Frets (Natural and Catgut), Bridges, Strings, peg lubricants, nail hardeners, etc.
·         Books and Media:
Books, CDs, Videos, etc.

We are dedicated to introduce and promote Eastern and ethnics culture to the world. Persian Music is in priority.

Respecting all national and international rules and regulations, we believe in a BORDERLESS WORLD and we respect all cultures, religions, nations and skin colors as a strict policy. We do not belong to ANY political minority or majority in our globe and therefore POLITICAL topics and interests are and will always be prohibited in Sazyar.


-       To increase the number of fans and lovers of Persian Music in the world and introducing it as a way of becoming a better human being.
-       To have repair and maintenance agents in all main cities in the world for PERSIAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS.
-       To become the first INTERNATIONAL Persian Musical consultancy service provider.
-       To become the first ONLINE PERSIAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS supplier.
(TOTAL SOLUTION in Persian music could consist: introducing, consulting, repair, maintenance, sales, after sales, creativity, physical workshops, concerts and all related services)